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CALCO RIVER RUN 4mLOGO cancelled.jpg

The 2022 race has been cancelled. 
Stay tuned for updates regarding 2023. 

WHEN: February 26, 2022

WHERE:  Registration will be in the paved parking lot behind BES 2


TIME: Registration begins at 7:30am

Start time is 8:30 a.m.;  1 Mile Fun Run starts after most have finished the main race.

An awards ceremony will follow at 10:00am at the BRGF Main Stage. *You must have a ticket to enter!

RACE ENTRY FEE: $30 which includes Big River Gospel Fest entry ticket!

*The 1 Mile Fun Run is FREE!

 - All proceeds benefit BHS and AHS Cross Country Teams.

To register please complete the form and submit your payment below. You may also register on the morning of the race. 

For questions please contact Tina Smith at

Select your T-shirt Size
Select an item ($)

Waiver:  In consideration of your acceptance of my entry as a participant in the 2022 CalCo River Run I, the undersigned, for myself, my heirs, executors, and assigns, waive any and all claims for damages, for death, personal injury or loss of property against the Calhoun County School Board, their officers  and directors, members or representatives and all volunteers and others promoting or assisting in any way the promotion or organization of the CalCo River Run, which may arise from my participation in the these races on February 26, 2022, or while traveling to or from the event.  I hereby release the dangerous or defective condition of any property or equipment owned, maintained or controlled by them and/or because of the liability without fault.  My participation is voluntary and done at my own risk.  I understand that running a road race is a potentially hazardous activity and that I should not enter unless I am medically able and properly trained.  I attest that I am physically fit and trained for the competition of this event.  I fully understand I am forever giving up in advance any right to sue or make claims against the parties I am releasing if I suffer injuries and damages even though I do not know to what extent those injuries and damages might be.  I will assume my own medical and emergency expenses in the event of an accident or other incapacity or injury resulting from my participation.  I have read and understand everything written above and I voluntarily sign this agreement.

Thank you for registering for the CalCo River Run! See you February 26th!

The Calco River Run Race Course

Big River 4 Miler course.jpg
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