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Miss Florida River Fest is an ambassador program for Florida's river region and Florida River Fest. The chosen representative will serve as ambassador throughout the one day festival, as well as at various pre-approved events throughout her year of service. The chosen representative shall not make any appearances during her year of service unless they have been approved in writing by the program board. This is NOT a traditional beauty pageant but rather an ambassador program. There will be no live interviews or on stage beauty competition. 

Contestants must be between the ages of 17-21 years on or before February 1, 2024. Contestants cannot be married or pregnant or have ever held the title of Miss FL River Fest.  

Entry Requirements: Each contestant must submit their payment and the following information on the form below no later than

January 1, 2024

  • Current GPA (latest report card or transcript)

  • 3 community reference statements (letters of recommendation)

  • Current full color Headshot (will be used for photogenic competition online and website)

  • 500 word essay telling us what you love about our scenic fresh waterways and why want to represent Florida River Fest.

Frequently Asked Questions


A panel of judges will review all submitted information and cast their vote for Miss Florida River Fest. All headshots will be uploaded to an album on the River Fest Facebook page at the beginning of February for a period of one week, where the public will vote by "liking" the photos. The contestant with the most "likes" on her headshot will be awarded "Most Photogenic" and given 1 additional vote to their final tally. Winners will be contacted by phone and announced on our website and social media pages on or before February 12, 2024. This is NOT a traditional beauty pageant but rather an ambassador program. There will be no live interviews or on stage beauty competition.


Miss Florida River Fest will be the official ambassador for Florida River Fest and our scenic river region. She must be present at the one day festival to be held the last Saturday in February, & at any pre and post festival events, including but not limited to the Big River Classic Catfish Tournament and CalCo River Run. She may also be asked to appear at various river/waterway conservation events during her year of service.

How to submit GPA and References

Simply take a photo of your official GPA document (latest report card or transcript) and your 3 letters of recommendation and upload the clear, jpeg files to the form below. You do NOT have to email them separately, or scan in documents. 

River Fest Logo Banner copy.jpg

Miss Florida River Fest 2024 Entry Form

Please complete the form below and submit with your entry fee of $35

Upload File
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Thank you for registering for Miss Florida River Fest.

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